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Welcome to CV Pharma Limited
an innovative pharmaceutical company
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Welcome to CV Pharma Limited  
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CV Pharma Limited, is an innovative pharmaceutical company whose principal activity is in the development of a patented combination product called CVTherapy for Humans and CV247 for Dogs.

The CV Pharma products have been synthesised following studies in animals and man, and are designed to replenish certain essential minerals and anti-oxidants.

Our products are formulated to help replace certain naturally occurring substances, which aid the body’s immune system. When toxic and harmful side effects are present in certain treatments, CV Pharma can provide alternative and complementary solutions. Solutions that are immuno-centric and supportive, improving quality of life to the patient with no side effects.

CV247 is a combination product comprising of Sodium Salicylate, Copper Gluconate, Manganese Gluconate and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) taken in the form of two tablets. Manganese and Copper are essential trace elements integral in the activity of several enzymes, which, in addition to the Vitamin C, promote immunity and biochemical functions that include the prevention of oxidation.

The product was conceived and initially developed by Mr John Carter, veterinary surgeon, who also advocated that in combination with the therapy, a patient also followed an organic diet. Mr Carter established the therapy regime after many years of study and empirical research starting in around 1976. The work began after a number of dogs seen at his clinic, in addition to some close friends, colleagues and their companion animals, had suffered from chronic disease. Mr Carter’s hypothesis was that increasing disease burden affecting the human and animal world could have an association with modern food manufacturing methods and the environment. His theory and therapy was aimed at stimulating the animals' and individual’s immune system. The effect of this theory was repeatedly tested in his Veterinary practice on a compassionate therapy basis. Mr Carter’s interest and the success with the animals he cared for led to word of mouth recommendations to tend to others suffering.
Registered Office: CV Pharma Limited, High Leybourne, Hascombe, Godalming, Surrey GU8 4AD, UK. Company Reg., No. 03697835
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